Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hrithik Roshan [Film God 2]

Roshan is a popular and award-winning Indian actor, born into a cinema family on January 10, 1974. His first film wasn't until 2000, Kahonaa...Pyaar Hii (2000), followed by Koi.. Mil Gaya (03), Krrish (06), Dhoom 2 (06), and Jodhaa Akbar (07), which I saw, about the Muhgal King who united Hindustan and promoted religious freedom and other humanitarian advances.
I'm sure Hrithik's green eyes and bodybuilder physique have attracted a legion of female fans in Asia (perhaps a few male fans too!) - and he has two thumbs grown together on his right hand! Now, there's your conversation starter. I'm surprised more women here don't know this face yet. Everyone's suddenly ga-ga over John Hamm, but he looks like an Arrow shirt ad, while Hrithik could easily be the next James Bond and become a major world star.

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