Sunday, February 1, 2009

Penelope Cruz

The greatest Spanish export since the guitar, Penelope always brings a zest for life into her performance, and has rarely done a film you can’t enjoy. Classic Mediterranean dark looks, pouty lips, terrific body she doesn’t mind exposing, she’s become one of the sexiest film stars alive – just ask former bf Tom Cruise and current bf Oscar-winner Javier Bardem.

Most first saw her with Cruise in the Cameron Crowe film Vanilla Sky, but this was a remake of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes that she starred in; the first actress to play the same part in a remake? I saw her earlier as the youngest daughter in Like Water for Chocolate (1993). However, I like her more (so do the critics) in the films of Pedro Almodovar, notably her Oscar-nominated role in Volver; and she did a great dance to Kung Fu Fighting in Don’t Tempt Me, so check out all her Spanish films as well. Let’s hope she gets the Oscar this year for Woody's Vicky Christina Barcelona.

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