Monday, January 26, 2009

Kim Basinger

Kim was born in Athens, GA, and I lived there for 8 years – she was only three yrs younger, but I never saw her – bummer! At least I can claim her and Holly Hunter as “fellow Athenians”, two Oscar winners! (Georgia has many: Joanne Woodward, Julia Roberts, Geraldine Paige are others). She started as a model and cover girl, appearing in Playboy, before turning to a film career. She took acting classes, was once a “Bond Girl” (in Never Say Never Again, opposite Sean Connery), later as the romantic interest in Batman, and a very sexy woman in Nine ½ Weeks, with the most erotic food scene in film.

She later married actor Alec Baldwin, and eventually won an Oscar in 1997 for her role as a high-priced call girl in L.A. Confidential, where she purposely resembled 40’s movie queen Veronica Lake and fit the part perfectly. When older, she played Eminem’s mother in 8 Mile. She’s aged very well, in the photo from Bless the Child (2000, photo left), she’s 47 yrs young.
She and Alec were on the Simpsons, and when their cabin caught fire, Alec wanted to save his Golden Globe award, and she said “don’t worry about it, its not a real award”.

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